SkanDek roof panels are unique when it comes to fire retardant roofing systems. SkanDek’s panels inhibit the spread of fire since the supporting materials in the panels are non-flammable and fire inhibiting

Even without fire protection Skandek’s panels, with a steel-trapeze plate on the ceiling, can achieve fire resistance of up to 30 minutes. If the ceiling side is covered with rigid insulation or gypsum boards, the SkanDek plates can achieve fire resistance of up to 60 minutes.

Steel-roof panels with mineral wool fitted between spaced wooden boarding can achieve fire resistance of up to 60 minutes, if two layers of plaster or one layer of 25 mm concrete wood is retro-fitted on the underside of the roof construction

Combustible enclosure replacement

Avoid dangerous combustible enclosures on the roof by having the SkanDek panels made as REI 60 (see extent and fire classes in the link to SBI directions below).

Avoid class 1 covering of steel-trapeze plates over suspended ceilings

Since the supporting parts of the steel-roof box structure are considered non-flammable, class 1 covering under the steel-trapeze plates is not necessary if these are to function as underlay for suspended ceilings (see fire retardant valuations below).

Fire resistance valuation and blueprints

  • Drawings of ceiling and roof covering, as well as their functional requirements.
  • REI 30 / BD-30: Ceiling with spacing boards and gypsum boards.
  • REI 30 / BS-30: Ceiling with steel-trapeze plates.
  • REI 60 / BS-60: Ceiling made of 20 mm rigid Rockwool with a perforated steel-trapeze plate under 1).
  • REI 60 / BS-60: Ceiling with steel-trapeze plates covered with fireproof plaster board 1).
  • REI 60 / BD-60: Mineral wool fitted between spacing boards, covered C.I.P with either plaster or concrete wood plates.
  • REI 60 / BS-60: 20 mm rigid insulation fitted with wind shield taping per. 400 mm to overlying steel-trapeze plate.
  • Steel trapeze plate as class 1 covering on ceiling.

Annexes and links re. Combustible enclosures and thin-plate constructions

1)The reason why the BS-60 fire retardant valuation does not agree with the new REI 60 A2-s1,d0, is that the test methods and material classifications are not the same as in the previous national requirements to achieve material classification A.

Undgå klasse 1 beklædning af ståltrapezplader over nedstroppede lofter.

Da de bærende dele af ståltagkassetten kan anses for at være ubrandbare, kan man spare eftermontering af klasse 1 beklædning under ståltrapezpladerne, hvis disse skal fungere som underlag for nedstroppede lofter (se brandbedømmelse).

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