SkanDek – the construction systems of the future

Innovation – optimize your project

SkanDek’s large modular roof panels make it possible for the contractor to optimize the construction in an entirely new way. It is possible to close the roofs much faster using the new SkanDek roof panels, measuring up to 75 m2, than with standard building components.
The minimal dead load and the great span widths also make it possible to save on foundations and supporting constructions.

Prefabrication – less waste, less hassle.

The advantages of using industrialised, prefabricated building components is that the time schedule is not dependent on weather conditions, and the product will be uniform. Fewer separate building materials and workers also make it easier for the engineer to get an overview of the specific tasks and contracts.

Large module – quicker montage

  • Tåstrup Retail Centre: The roof contractor’s experienced engineers assembled and shredded 4,200 m2 steel-roof panels in only 2 days. The size of the panels was approx. 56 m2 each, and they came with completed roof sheets and ceiling plates. The span was approx. 16 metres.
  • Ikea’s new department store in Odense gets a 21,500 m2 SkanDek roof. In a single week, 6,000 m2 of roof panels with 16 metres span were laid – complete with roof sheets, roof perforations and visible ceilings.
  • The 100 metres high-rise, Herlev County Hospital, was the quickest job. Twenty four steel-roof elements were hoisted up by helicopter in only 2 hours. The fastest lift from the ground to the top took only 2 minutes and 57 seconds.

SkanDek is distinguished by:

  • 100% inorganic materials = no rot = safety = long life span
  • Quick installation = 1,000 m2 – 1,500 m2 of roof per day = cost efficiency.
  • Quick closing = less drying up of the building = cost efficiency.
  • Minimal dead load = cost efficiency.
  • Span width up to 22 metres = large column-free areas = freedom in arrangement.
  • Good fire resistance = approved up to BS-60 construction
  • Sound ceilings = good sound absorption = good working environment.
  • Absorbs shear forces on diaphragm = stabilises the building = cost efficiency
  • Up to 15 years guarantee on the roof cover.
  • Skylights, vent holes etc. can be installed subsequently without transference
  • Possibility for large, lean protrusions = architecture
  • Can be used for roof terraces and floor separations = flexibility.
  • SkanDek’s profiles can also be used as beam layers for separating floors instead of C profiles.

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