QE- mark

CE- marked

SkanDek is CE marked.

SkanDek bears the CE mark.

When you have a unique product like SkanDek, achieving CE marking is a lengthy process. However, after two and a half years’ application work, the company has now reached this target.

The SkanDek galvanised thin-gauge steel profile plating system is a unique construction product which is no covered by any existing harmonised European Standard (hEN), according to which this product can be CE marked. And, for this reason, SkanDek is not subject to mandatory CE marking. However, as we wish to expand into international markets, the company has decided to apply for the product to be CE marked.

To achieve European Technical Approval (ETA), the company is required to supply comprehensive documentation of the product’s characteristics and during the application process, the company has strived to collate the necessary documentation.

SkanDek already supplies elements to foreign countries including the Faeroe Islands and Iceland. Now that CE marking is established, the company has also moved into the UK market. Our vision is to supply our products to most of Europe and this is where SkanDek expects the CE mark to be an important instrument.

Building materials covered by SkanDek‘s ETA.

SkanDek are versatile prefabricated elements that can be delivered with almost any kind of roof membrane and type of ceiling.
The products used just have to be in accordance with the national building codesand must be CEmarked if the product is covered by a harmonised Europeanstandard (hEN).

For practical reasons SkanDek has selected only a handfull of products in theEuropean Technical Approval:

Links to ETA Denmark og EOTA.

SkanDek’s european Technical Approval.

SkanDek’s EF Declaration of Conformity