Enterprice limitations

Enterprice limitations

  • Contract limits

    • SkanDek designs the lock plates, so that they can function with diaphragm action
    • SkanDek designs screws and shot nails to fastening, brackets and stringers
    • Brackets and stringers must be designed by an engineer
    • Attachment/anchors to other constructions are the sole responsibility of the advisor to the developer.


    In response to the issues concerning what the developer should get from his advisor ,this is described under the approach to projecting, after which SkanDek supplies a static report about the panels and their construction. Here the engineer can benefit from seeing an example of astatic report made by SkanDek.

    Please note that the report varies according to the complexity of the different cases, including the various calculation programs or carrying capacity tables that are used.

    The static report can be commissioned when SkanDek is guaranteed payment in the specific case. It should be made clear that calculation programs/carrying capacity tables available online cannot provide a basis for the static report.