Sealing of a steamlock

Sealing of a steamlock

Sealing of a steam plug

Sealing of the vapor barrier

The latest Building requirements of energy regulations have led to greater focus on building envelope airtightness. When you project airtight constructions, it is essential that the structures are buildable in practice.

Using SkanDek elements is the installations company better placed compared to the other constructions type, as they only have to ensure that the joints between the elements are tight and the joint between the outer wall and SkanDek is closed.

SkanDek elements supplied with butyl tape; that ensure at length joints is sealed.

SkanDeks produced roof penetrations, is itself watertight. The question is why the installation company have to ensure at the joint of different surfaces are correct.   The installation company has to ensure at tight joints on installation site, which subsequently penetrate SkanDek element, such as cable ducts, in electric power installations, and carrying out the mounting of pull pipe.

The SkanDek elements, which located against the outer wall, will be delivered with an additional overlay that, must to rolled down and taped to the wall with butyl tape.

The Workload to make airtight building envelope is an ease when you use SkanDek element.