Safety on the Roof

Safety on the roof

Safety on the roof.

Railing holders.

SkanDek can today deliver steel components with pre-installed holders for 35 mm quadratic rail poles (banisters). According to the Danish Working Environment Authority, you may only use personal fall safety (lines) for 4 man hours per work task, so the pre-installed rail holders allow you to quickly secure the roof edges with banister poles and laths. The maximum distance between each fixture is 1.7 m on the ends and 1.5 m on the sides of the element.

Installation of fall protection equipment with lines.

During planning, it is important that the developer’s advisors remember that it often is necessary to establish fall protection on the roof for later inspection and maintenance work on the roof.

Posts for fall protection will often be mounted with pegs through the top 18 mm trapezoidal steel girder. The holes for the pegs can be mounted anywhere except for where the bearing SkanDek beams are underneath. Therefore, the roofer should measure and mark the location of these before closing the roof.

Fall protection for openings.

SkanDek’s steel roofing elements can be delivered with 18 mm trapezoidal steel girders to serve as coverage over openings. The cover has a bearing capacity of 220 kg/m2 with a maximum span of 1.4 metres, but may not be used as a workplace or as storage for building materials.

Working platform.

At the Allerhuset building in Copenhagen, a layer of SkanDek beams was laid out on the top floor above the foyer, with wood fibre plates and roofing felt on top. The developer then had a watertight roof during the construction period, while the workers used the deck as a working platform for roof and ceiling work. Many of the SkanDek beams were later removed and reused in the construction of Horten, which is also situated in Copenhagen.


  • For prices, installation guides and other technical materials, refer to safety equipment dealers, e.g. Stennevad A/S, Icopal Secura System or RSS International ApS. SkanDek Tagelementfabrik A/S is not responsible for the planning, purchasing, execution and use of installed safety systems on the steel roof components.