Diaphragm forces

Diaphragm forces

cf1b7f5426Diaphragm stability

SkanDek products are characterized in that they usually take part in the stabilizing system of the structure, making SkanDek panels able to absorb the sheer forces on the diaphragm alongside the supporting constructions of the building. This way, SkanDek panels provide cost savings since it is not necessary to establish wind bracings in the roof constructions. This provides quick and efficient fitting.

SkanDek panels are able to absorb directional forces on diaphragms up to 5 kN/m in both directions through the roof panel alone. Sheer forces on diaphragm can, under special circumstances, be increased to 10 kN/m

SkanDek are able, through the rigidness of the diaphragm, to transfer the forces to the stabilizing curtain walls. The consulting engineer is responsible for the calculation of the under lying structures as well as making sure that these are capable of absorbing the drawing and pushing forces to the stringers. Furthermore, the engineer is responsible for making sure that external joints are capable of transferring the forces to the stringers.
In the case of wind influences diagonal to the carrying beams span-direction, the panels are able to absorb limited axial forces.

It is important to emphasize that it is the responsibility of the consulting engineer to make sure that all premises for diaphragm actions are met in accordance with EC 3 part 1-3. The consulting engineer is also responsible for presenting both the static system of the construction as well as the computational values of the diaphragm actions to SkanDek. SkanDek can, under no circumstances, be held responsible in cases where the requirements for fundamental stability have not been met, this is solely on the builder and his/hers consulting engineers. However, since SkanDek roof panels are well equipped to the absorption of diaphragm forces, we are happy to provide our competences.

In order to provide quotations SkanDek will be needing the static report from the consulting engineer, since this report is the basis for evaluation if SkanDek panels are able to absorb the sheer forces on diaphragm or not.

The consulting engineer should pay special attention to the placement of skylights, as well of the avoidance of long and slim diaphragms in order to minimize horizontal deformations of the diaphragm.

For further information concerning skylights and the optimal placing of these, click here

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