Painted interior lining

Painted interior lining

Pre-painted industrial panelling

SkanDek can supply apertures for skylights including pre-painted finishing panels in steel. These panels are especially suitable for industrial buildings and warehouses, where a complete pre-fabricated unit is required. E.g. roofing elements, steel corrugated ceilings, flashing and skylight panels.

Galvanized framing above industrial panelling.

By choosing this solution, the extra work involved in adding panels underneath the skylight frame is avoided. The skylights are mounted on the top side of the steel element as usual according to the manufacturers and/or TOR´s specifications.

Inorganic materials

Industrial panels are produced in galvanized or light steel sheeting. The panels cannot rot and are resistant to fungi which in turn minimizes maintenance

Ideal for department stores, industrial buildings and warehouses

SkanDek have supplied steel roofing elements, including pre-fabricated industrial panels to such firms as; ABC in Herning, Logo Paint in Vejle and IKEA in Odense.

Above: Ex. Cross section in SkanDek roof element consisting of 4 beams and pre-fabricated panelling (approx. 17 meters in length). A fire vent with a visible inner side is installed on top of the roof element (click on the illustration for further information)..