Sustainable components

Sustainable components

Sustainable roof elements

Evaluates SkanDek from the various certification methods, it is clear that we can offer a viable product that covers several aspects in all the areas which today define sustainability. Since DGNB will be the proper certification method in Denmark, it is evident that keeping SkanDek up against this.

SkanDek in conjunction with the DGNB model

The social

The social aspect includes qualities like architecture, healthy climate, among other tings air quality and acoustics.

SkanDek elements consist entirely of inorganic materials, which means that there is no mold and rot in the structure due to inadequate ventilation. It assures the users of building a healthy air quality that does not give rise to disease.

Acoustics is also of great importance for the experience of a room and can have a significant impact on users’ wellbeing. SkanDek can offer finished ceilings from the factory, with excellent sound absorption. This solution also saves in materials and assembly costs for subsequent audio setup ceiling.

The economic:

Economy and flexibility are the most relevant aspect of our products. By using SkanDek it is possible to span longer than traditional roof structure. That means fewer columns or bearing walls, providing greater flexibility about decor, but also a possible future restructuring of the building’s use.

To use SkanDek it is possible to make a great economy. By reducing, the number of supporting parts can we also provide substantial savings on the foundations and overall achieve more significant material savings. Moreover is also the possibility to save wedge structure, if you chooses SkanDeks solution with plastic foam and roofing membranes on the roof.

An additional factor for the overall economy is assembly time. SkanDek elements are 8-10 times faster as a traditional roof constructed on the site. That means a shorter construction period and a more rapid roof close, which in itself means shorter drying time – an otherwise costly affair.

Operation cost also takes consideration, and here SkanDek offers a long service life and low maintenance. The inorganic materials that elements consist of makes the structure last for many years. The insulation made of rock wool, which can last for over 50 years, while steel only has a lifespan of several hundred years. There is no need for maintenance of the roof structure; only the roofing requires inspection and maintenance.

The environmental

The environmental aspects include energy consumption and recycling of materials. The components of SkanDek elements are steel wool, rock wool, PE film and roofing membranes that assembled in such a way that they are simple to separate the individual components and recycled. The recycling potential of the individual components is also significant, and there are already various development projects of material recycling.

When it comes to the energy consumption of buildings, Denmark has chosen to invest significantly in reducing the U-value of the building components, in order to achieve lower energy consumption. SkanDek has, in conjunction with the construction harder work on the further development of our items so we can comply with the requirements prospectively made insulating properties.

That resulted in the item type SkanDek Green Line, which allows SkanDek finished elements are having a U-value as low as 0.08 W / m2K.

Technical quality includes thermal envelope quality and fire safety. On both items is SkanDek contribute positively. The inorganic materials mean as mentioned earlier, that there are no problems with rot and mold, which means a long life of the elements.

The items are not only inorganic but also not flammable, giving building’s users greater security.

Quality in the process

By building up on the spot, cannot always use standard solution, that may result in errors. When using prefabricated building systems, do you need a high degree of repetition and thereby can ensure the quality of construction. SkanDek produces the elements at the factory under clean conditions. We have more than ten-year experience and has developed a building system that works. The parts manufactured in the plant also means that we are not dependent on the weather, to work. It may be necessary to construction when the roof should be close quickly.

The problems of today’s construction are often found out in the joints. SkanDeks large spans of up to 22 m and element widths of 3.5 m are large, continuous surfaces up to 80 m2. Out on the site means fewer joints to made and that can cause problems if not performed correctly.