Extensive green roofs.

Extensive green roofs.


Extensive sedum roof.

An extensive green roof often has a growth layer of 50 to 100mm, upon which only drought-resistant plants can plant, e.g. succulents, bulbs, and mosses.

The weight of the sedum covering is approximately 50kg/m2 in its water-saturated state.

Mosses and sedum vegetation usually require no root-securing membranes, as these plant’s roots are harmless to conventional membranes. An inspection of the roof must ensure that there is no vegetation with strong, deep roots.


For documentation, please refer to the distributors of green roof products:

  • Veg Tech A/S.
  • ZinCo Danmark I/S.
  • Protan A/S.
  • Trelleborg Phønix.
  • Icopal.
  • By gross.

Sedum vegetation.

Moss sedum roof, 0 to 4 degree slope

Moss sedum roof, 2 to 27 degree slope.