Intensive green roofs.

Intensive green roofs.

Intensive sedum roofs.

Intensive green roofs have a growth layer of 110 to 120mm, which allows the growth of sedum herbs and sedum grasses, which develop roots. Therefore, a root-securing foil must be laid under the sedum planting, unless the roof membrane has inbuilt root-securing material. Plants on intensive green roofs should not be allowed to dry out.

The weight of the sedum herbs and grasses layer is approximately 130kg/m2, in its water-saturated state.


For documentation, please refer to the distributors of green roof products:

  • Veg Tech A/S.
  • ZinCo Danmark I/S.
  • Protan A/S.
  • Trelleborg Phønix.
  • Icopal.
  • By gross.

Sedum herb/grass roof, 0 to 5 degree slope.

Sedum herb/grass roof, 5 to 15 degree slope.