Calculation Programs

Calculation Programs

SkanDek is pro-active! – Always an updated calculation program – adapted to the needs of the engineer

SkanDek has chosen to meet the engineer’s demand for quick, easy and efficient dimensioning of SkanDek elements. This is why we have created specific calculation programs for different types of construction.

The calculation programs are designed to indicate which dimensions are in compliance with the stated requirements, as well as indicating the dimension that are most cost efficient in relation to steel consumption.

SkanDek estimates that these calculation programs are easier to work with than the traditional carrying capacity tables used by other construction suppliers. By using the excel sheets, the engineer will be able to vary all of the parameters at once – something which is not possible when using carrying capacity tables.

If any questions or uncertainties should arise regarding application of the various calculation programs, please contact us at:

NOTICE: The programs must not be saved on the user’s own server/ PC. SkanDek is frequently updating these programs, SkanDek is therefore not responsible for any errors or deficiencies. The calculation programs cannot be used in the static report! The calculation programs can only be used to determine if SkanDek is suitable in the specific case.

If your order Skandek calculations on the specific project
will be performed.



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