Product description – SkanDek GreenLine

SkanDek GreenLine

Product Description – SkanDek Green Line

SkanDek Green Line is leading the U-value of prefabricated elements with U-values down to 0.08 W / m2K supplied from the factory.

SkanDek Green Line used for roofs constructions and roof terraces.


Lattice girders.

The key element of SkanDek Green Line is the patented lattice beams, which is an evolution of the traditional SkanDek box beam. gren

Grid bars produced in four heights – 450, 500, 550 and 600 mm, with a thickness of 2.0 mm.

The designation made so the number in the name indicates the beam height.


SD550: SD stands for SkanDek

SD550: 550 mm grid beam.

Grid beams consist of two first profiled shells, – a top and a sub-dish to be joined using a grid system – so-called Delta braces.

Reaction: The appropriate response capacity = 34.9 kN, which means consequence class gives a calculated response to 31.73 kN per. beam.

Moment: The special ultimate moment is from 100.5 kNm to 146.7 kNm per. Beam, depending on the type. That is an enormous strength about weight, which ranges from 19 kg per. Meter to 24 kg each. Running meter.

The strength of the grid beams are also significantly increased compared to the traditional box beams. Comparing a grid beam type SD600 with a box beam type SD200 will grid beam more than five times as strong.

That particularly important in the large spans of 18 m, where the number of support beams significantly reduced by using SkanDek Green Line.

The increased strength means at the same time a greatly improved stiffness, which means that it is not necessary to produce elements with significant camber heights.

Beams girders types and geometry.


Many different combinations.

SkanDek Green Line is available with several types of finished and semi-finished roof and ceiling linings.

Cross section at the side SkanDek Green Line.


Roof Covering: d6130a2d50 gren4

  • Under felt + TF30 + trapezoidal steel sheet.
  • Roofing membranes + TF30 + trapezoidal steel sheet.
  • Underfelt + trapezoidal steel sheet

Beams girders and int. Insulation:

  • SD 450 + 450 mm mineral wool.
  • SD 500 + 500 mm mineral wool.
  • SD550 + 550 mm mineral wool.
  • SD600 + 600 mm mineral wool.

Ceiling linings:


  • Insulating + TF-20 + trapezoidal steel sheet.
  • Insulating + TF-20 + perf. trapezoidal steel sheet RAL 9002nd
  • Insulating + TF-40 + trapezoidal steel sheet.
  • Insulating + TF-40 + perf. Trapezoidal steel sheet RAL 9002nd

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