Norms/ Certification


SkanDek elements are calculated after January 1st 2009, according to the regulations in the new Eurocodes (EC), based on the following Eurocodes:

  • EN 1990: EC 0: Basis of structural design/safety
  • EN 1991: EC 1: Actions on structures/Load
  • EN 1993: EC 3: Design of steel structures/steel constructions

Ad EC 0: In accordance with DS 409:1998 the payload combinations and partial coefficients have been changed. The partial coefficient of payloads is now 1.5, instead of 1.3.

Ad EC 1: In accordance with DS 410:1998 there has only been a small change of wind- and snow load. In cases where there is snow accumulation, however, one has to be aware that it can be much larger than before. Values for payloads have been lowered in connection with the increase for partial coefficients.

Ad EC 3: EC 3 contains all regulation applicable to steel. There is therefore no longer a separate a separate thin-plate standard, since this is now part of EC 3. (Section 3.3)