Steel trapezoid plates

Steel trapezoid plates

SkanDek steel roof elements come with a dipped galvanized steel sheets on the ceiling side, and possibly a visible trapezoid plate on the roof side.


Roofing sheets.

Trapezoidal plate is screwed laterally across SkanDek beams, and its function is to carry the upper roof covering and roof insulation, as well as absorbing the horizontal roof fastening plate in the ceiling diaphragm with SkanDek beams (Shear forces on membrane)

Datasheet on HV18 trapezoidal steel sheet. Steel trapezoidal sheet has a characteristic yield strength of 350MPa, see. Eurocode 3, DS / EN1993-1-3.

The perforated trapezoidal steel sheet is available as sound absorption class B and D.

Visible ceilings are provided with inddæk solutions. Glades and flashings of skylights can add.