Planning Services

Planning services

Distribution of Planning Services


Usually there are many participants during the planning and execution phases. It is therefore necessary to have a project coordinator, with the responsibility of coordinating the many activities, time schedules, organisation plans, communication lines and decision-making processes. More often than not it is the developer’s consultant who is responsible for the overall coordination.

SkanDek Roof Element Factory will, on equal terms with the other element designers, forward material to the project coordinator for review, and any comments as a result of this review should be clear and coherent.

SkanDek prepares all designs in CAD programs based on the consultant’s digital drawings.

Material which is always prepared by the consultants

  • Construction designs (blueprints, cross sections and details in AutoCad format)
  • Architect designs (blueprints, cross sections and details in AutoCad format)
  • Static calculations for the construction (load distribution plans and descriptions)
  • Descriptions of surfaces, fire regulations, internal fitting heights etc.

Design materials prepared by SkanDek

  • Production designs of steel roof elements
  • Numbered roof element designs
  • Joining details for SkanDek elements based on the consultant’s designs

Responsibility for Dimensioning

  • Diaphragm- and curtain wall loads:
    Consulting engineer
  • Stringers and stringer powers:
    Consulting engineer (e.g. edge stringers around diaphragm-fields)
  • Mounting in concrete:
    Consulting engineer (e.g. concrete anchors)
  • Mounting in constructional steel
    SkanDek (e.g. nails or screws into steel beams or cast steel rails)
  • Mounting in wooden surfaces:
    Consulting engineer. (Please note ”note on diaphragm action in thin sheet constructions on wooden foundations”, in BKI DS446, s.23 – 24 (1986))
  • Fitting in other SkanDek elements:
    SkanDek (e.g. Self-cutting screws from side-brackets)
  • Internal joining of elements:
    SkanDek (e.g. lock plates and for closing gaps between steel roof elements using steel trapeze plates)
  • Eksternal joining of elements:
    Consulting engineer (e.g. for brackets on the side of steel roof elements, transfer of diaphragm action and side loads).

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