• Stone wool insulates against heat and cold and is, therefore, effective insulation to save heat and keep a comfortable temperature in buildings.The main constituents in SkanDek elements are insulation. Regarding volume is insulations material about 98%, which achieved by the patented support beams that are filled in with a similar layer insulation.There is between the supporting beams is also placed insulation. Insulation height ranges from 200 mm to 600 mm depending on the beam dimension you use. Also, roofs with the firm press are delivery on the upper side of the trapezoid plate.


    Cutting two roof elements, respectively. Three and four SkanDek beams, both with respectively 30 mm rigid condensation insulation on the roof panel. The lower roof element has 20 mm rigid mineral wool ceiling plate, in considerations to noise and fire requirements.


    SkanDek uses rock wool as insulation since it is our assessment that it is the fireproof insulation. Not only can the material does not burn, but it also withstands temperatures of over 1000 ° C without melting.  Together with SkanDeks inorganic product give the security if an accident occurs.  The structure with rock wool will last significantly longer than other insulation materials.

    Sound Isolation.

    Insulation with rock wool also provides a better indoor climate, because stone wool structure with air-filled cavities that are mutually related to each other. That gives the material characteristics sound absorption. That is the best stone wool insulating material for sound reduction. SkanDek can deliver elements which have an additional sound reduction, by using a firmly push insulation on the underside of the supporting beams, after the aperture trapezium placed.


    SkanDek uses rock wool as insulation material, as the stone is a natural resource that people benefits from over time.

    The process used to produce rock wool, is manufactured copy of nature’s most spectacular phenomena: volcanic eruption. For the production of rock wool is used energy, however, already after three weeks the environment balance is reversed from negative to positive. Furthermore, the production of stone wool takes place in environmentally certified factories. Rockwool recycles the majority of their insulation from the recycle system, which is great for the environment.







    There are a five years product guarantee from Rookwood.

    Insulation made of stone wool has a long life, if not in some ways is moistened. If stone wool does not come in contact with moisture, so it has a life cycle of over 50 years, which is harmony SkanDeks lifecycle.

    Product Data.


    The compression-proof plate is very stiff and hard plate,  made of moisture and water-repellent mineral wool. Application: TF-plate used as a one-layer insulation and as a top layer on top of the trapezoidal plate, in the constructions which inclined assembly of the ladle.  See self -build.


    Thermal conductivity D = 39 mW / mK EN 12939

    Flat Compression 80 kN / m² EN 826


    The product Flexi-Batts are semi-rigid

    Insulation Batts

    Made of moisture and water-repellent mineral wool.

    Use it went straight Flexi-Batts used for insulation SkanDeks roof panels/ floor separation.

    Technical characteristics Area Description Standard

    Thermal conductivity Î »D = 37 mW / mK EN 12939


    All stone wool producer who  SkanDek’s elements use is CE marked. DS / EN13162.


    Soft wool included in SkanDek’s ETA for CE marking.

    Press Solid mineral included in SkanDek’s ETA for CE marking.