Longevity – PPP Buildings

Public-Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is in Denmark a relatively new cooperative arrangement. The characteristics of this collaboration is, not only that the public sector invites tenders for construction of a plant or building, but invites tenders for, financing, design, construction, running and maintenance in one complete offer.

PPP projects differ from traditional public building projects in that both risks and maintenance of the construction is handed over to the public party involved during a longer period of time, typically 20-30 years.

SkanDek provides assurance for the private builder, as only materials of longevity are used in SkanDek products. We at SkanDek are convinced that the quality of buildings can only become better, when the parties responsible for the construction also own and run the building for 30 years.

If one thinks of long term, rational construction, SkanDek is the obvious choice of supply.

Vildbjerg School is the first building in Denmark where PPP enterprising has been used. SkanDek supplied the majority of the roof construction with exception of the sports hall.

Furthermore, SkanDek has won the contract to deliver roofing elements to Ørsteds School in Rudkøbing, which was also tendered by PPP enterprising.

SkanDek happily places its competencies at the disposal of private or public whom contemplate offering/ tendering Contracts with Public private Partnership.

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